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  The focus of FOAN Cyber Security in Today's and Tomorrow's Intern by Prof. Eduard Babulak LAST MINUTE CANCELLED FOAN 2013 News
   • Physical layer of optical
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Access and Cloud
Kimio Oguchi, Seikei University Japan    FOAN 2012 Gallery I  
  Several Perspectives of New Generation Home Networking: Past and Future    • FOAN 2012 Gallery II  
  Our societies have been changing at speeds higher than expected; Rapid aging is one such big issue the world is now facing. Creating new circumstances that are safe, secure, convenient, comfortable and efficient even in home or office is an urgent topic for individuals and governments Advances in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is a promising solution. As the home is the most important area, since we will live there for longer, the home network is of supreme importance. This paper overviews several perspectives on home networking focusing on the lower layer functionality past and present with the author's view points.      
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 • Kimio Oguchi and Gerd Keiser
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   September 10-13, 2013
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  Gerd Keiser, PhotonicsComm Solutions USA    
  Review of Networked In-Home Healthcare    
  Caring for sick, disabled, and elderly people in a home environment is a growing and challenging trend in many countries worldwide. To offer both the affected people and their caregivers a better quality of life, the use of low-cost health status monitoring devices that are networked in the home and through the Internet to healthcare centers is being explored. This paper gives a snapshot of some of existing and emerging healthcare monitoring devices and home networking methods, and discusses some issues associated with network latency when time-critical emergency responses are needed.    
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