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  After the successful workshops in Moscow (2010) and Budapest (2011), this year’s workshop will be held in St. Petersburg from third until fifth October.

The focus of this year’s FOAN will be on three areas:
 • Physical layer of optical access networks;
 • QoS and QoE of end point user and
 • Home networking (In-house communications).

Workshop is co-locating with ICUMT 2012 (www.icumt.org), which is an important event in the world of Russian scientists in the field of telecommunications and control. Papers accepted for FOAN 2012 will be published in IEEE Explore (to be confirmed) and characterized with relevant index (as EI). Also,  Journal "Fiber and Integrated Optics" will publish a Special Issue based on extended version of selected papers from FOAN2012.

(Special Issue FOAN2010: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/ufio20/30/5)
(Special Issue FOAN2011: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/ufio20/31/2)

The primary objective, the idea of the workshop is to gather in one place, science and experts in the field of fiber optic technology in order to share their knowledge, experience and ideas but also the workshop is an opportunity to learn new things. Therefore, the workshop planned to take place under the slogan "Come, meet, share, learn and enjoy St. Petersburg".
    Some of the photos from FOAN 2012 are now available, more are coming soon. You can see photos at:
FOAN 2012 Gallery I
FOAN 2012 Gallery II
      Alessandro Capurso and Regis Coat: "GPON Interoperability and beyond: Broadband Forum activities in supporting the expansion of Fiber Access"  
      Hideaki Kimura Impact Goals of Research and Development Technology on the Business Strategy of NTT's FTTH Deployment Abstract