Call for Papers     FOAN 2012 News  

  The authors are encouraged to submit full papers (up to 6 pages) describing original, previously unpublished, complete research, not currently under review by another conference or journal, addressing state-of-the-art research and development in all areas bellow.     It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 2012 FOAN Workshop, which will be held this year in St. Petersburg, Russia October 3-5, 2012.  
  Access network    
  • new opportunities with FOAN technologies (like XGPON, 10GEPON, WDM-PON, a hybrid network, FTTx, EP2P, AE ..);
  • business cases in the access area with special reference to the current solution and the possible upgrade paths.;
  • practical access solution;
  • new architectures and topologies;
  • bandwidth allocation strategies;
  • DBA Algorithms;
  • energy efficient frameworks;
  • impact of regulation on development of Access Networks;
      Alessandro Capurso and Regis Coat: "GPON Interoperability and beyond: Broadband Forum activities in supporting the expansion of Fiber Access"  
      Hideaki Kimura Impact Goals of Research and Development Technology on the Business Strategy of NTT's FTTH Deployment Abstract  
  QoS and QoE    
  • Mechanisms of QoS in access network;
  • Comparing access technology with aspect of QoS;
  • Quality of Experience (QoE): focus on the end-user, How to measure & handle it, How to take it into account in the design and operation/management of the next-generation optical access;
  • QoE and Fairness; Is the final bandwidth distribution fair enough? Challenges and solutions.
  • New services: 3DTV, interactive TV, monitoring of home, security, remote controle over FOAN links, robotics ..
  • New applications: GSM, LTE, business services, sensoring, monitoring, new home aplications...
  • Clean-slate aproach in optical access networks.
  • Modification of GPON, GEPON, XGPON, 10GEPON, P2P, 1G P2P..
  • Improvement in all access technologies and mechanisms
  • WDM-PON, Colored PON,
  • Fiber: the new types, Photonic fiber uses, compatibility of different types, POF in access network, Photonic fiber..
  • Measurements in PONs
  • Connectors: the new types, impact at FOAN,
  • The burst laser diode
  • Multi-wavelength optical sender/receiver
  • Extension of FOAN Links: Wireless, DSL extension, home gatewey ..
  • Impact of fiber impairments in long reach PONs
  • Migration schemes, Convergence of PONs
  • TDM over PONs, TDM services in NG PONs
  • Metro GPON, Long Reach PON
  • Optical Network Switching Architectures
  • Optical Network Protection and Restoration
  • Radio over Fiber in Access Network
  • Hybrid optical-wireless architecture/connectivity/protocols
  Home networking          
  • Physical layer of home network: HDMI, structre cabling, WLAN 802.11.b,g, n, plastic optical cable, Multimode optical cable, special types of kable for home networking and so on.
  • Compatibility beetween diferent phisical medioum;
  • smart home, connected home, home securite, managing of home devices:
  • enterprise networking;
  • data-center applications.
  The hottest results in fiber optic technology          
  • Research in basis optical elements: laser devices, amplifiers, recivers, laser and receiver circuit.
  • Modulations of optical beam
  • High-throughput fiber optical links.
  • Fair and Efficient bandwidth distribution.