In the world today there are over 500 million broadband lines, of which more than 60 million is the high speed access line. The high speed access lines can be implemented in different ways, but predictions for the next 4 years to say that over 189 million of the shed will be based on fiber optic technologies.

This workshop has a primary goal to present the latest research in the field of fiber optic technologies that are intended for the access of telecom networks. In addition to this primary objective, the idea of the workshop is to gather in one place, science and experts in the field of fiber optic technology in order to share their knowledge, experience and ideas but also the workshop is an opportunity to learn new things. Therefore, the workshop planned to take place under the slogan "Come, meet, sharing, learn and see Budapest.

Workshop is co-locating with ICUMT 2011 (www.icumt.org), which is an important event in the world of Russian scientists in the field of telecommunications and control. Papers accepted for FOAN 2011 will be published in IEEE Explore (confirmed) and characterized with relevant index (as EI). Also, SCI Journal "Fiber and Integrated Optics" will publish a Special Issue based on extended version of selected papers from FOAN2011.
  It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 2011 FOAN Workshop, which will be held this year in Budapest, Hungary on October 5-7, 2011.
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