International Congress on Ultra Modern Control Systems ICUMT 2010
ICUMT is an annual international congress providing an open forum for researchers, engineers, network planners and service providers in telecommunications and control systems targeted on newly emerging algorithms, systems, standards, services, and applications. ICUMT is positioned as a premier international annual congress for the presentation of original and fundamental research and engineering results. The aim of ICUMT is to bring together Russian and international players in telecommunications and control systems. The congress will consist of plenary sessions, open call sessions and workshops.
      Workshop Title: Fiber Optics in Access Network - Passive Optical Network –FOAN-PON
      Economic feasibility originally was the main obstacle for the fast implementation of FTTH networks. But nowadays, with more than 30 million FTTH connections in the world, it is clear that these obstacles have been overcome.
One of the main drivers for the growing number of FTTH connections was appearing PON network. Evolution of those networks first from APON to GEPON and then from GPON to NGPON makes these technologies attractive for researchers and engineers. Also, PON networks previously were designed for triple play services but today new services offerings are expected. PON networks also are expanding in terms of the number of users per one PON tree and in expanding the transmission distance.
This workshop has a goal to collect the latest research and engineering experience from all aspects of PON networks. There are four main parts: How to connect a PON to other networks, What is strategy for solving problems of bandwidth over PONs, What is the status of research at the element levels of PON networks, and What are the new services that might be desired on a user side.
NOTE: Proceedings of all associated workshops at ICUMT 2010 will be published in IEEE Xplore (approved)and indexed in relevant databases(such as EI-index).
Authors of selected outstanding papers will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers for consideration of publication in a special issue.
Information for Russian authors: Special Issue in Informazionno-Upravlayushie Sistemi (accepted by VAK) - in Russian only
  • New architectures
  • New services in PON
  • Types of fiber for PONs
  • Photonic fiber uses
  • Measurements in PONs
  • The burst laser diode
  • Multi-wavelength optical sender/receiver
  • Wireless extensions in PON networks
  • The DSL extension in PON networks
  • Improvement in the DBA Algorithm
  • Impact of fiber impairments in long reach PONs
  • Migration schemes
  • Convergence of PONs
  • Colored PON
  • QoS in PON
  • TDM over PONs
  • TDM services in NG PONs
  • Metro GPON
  • Long Reach PON
  • Optical Network Switching Architectures
  • Optical Network Protection and Restoration
  • Radio over Fiber in Access Network
  • Research in basis optical elements: laser devices, amplifiers, recivers and modulations of optical beam
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