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  Submission deadline: July 10        
Acceptance notification: August 1     The authors are encouraged to submit full papers (up to 6 pages) describing original, previously unpublished, complete research, not currently under review by another conference or journal, addressing state-of-the-art research and development in all areas bellow.  
  Final Paper Sub. : August 26            
  Authors' Early Registration and Payment: August 26            

Access network

  • new opportunities with FOAN technologies (like XGPON, 10GEPON, 40GPON, WDM-PON, a hybrid network, FTTx, EP2P, AE ..);
  • business cases in the access area with special reference to the current solution and the possible upgrade paths.;
  • practical access solution;
  • new architectures and topologies;
  • bandwidth allocation strategies;
  • energy efficient frameworks;
  • impact of regulation on development of Access Networks;

Smart city

  • City Sensor Network;
  • Urban Security and Public Safety Technology
  • Video Network, Video Analysis and Pattern Recognition;
  • Transportation and Connected Vehicles
  • Smart Application for Health,
  • Smart Application for Governance,
  • Other Related Areas

Smart Home

  • Residential home gateway;
  • Home Sensor Network;
  • Home networking and wireless communications
  • Smart Home Illumination;
  • Smart Application for Health;
  • Smart home monitoring and security;
  • IP V6 in home devices;


  • Modification of GPON, GEPON, XGPON, 10GEPON, 40GPON, P2P, 1G P2P..
  • Improvement in all access technologies and mechanisms
  • WDM-PON, Colored PON,
  • Fiber: the new types, Photonic fiber uses, compatibility of different types, POF in access network, Photonic fiber..
  • Measurements in PONs
  • Connectors: the new types, impact at FOAN,
  • The burst laser diode
  • Multi-wavelength optical sender/receiver
  • Extension of FOAN Links: Wireless, DSL extension, home gatewey ..
  • Impact of fiber impairments in long reach PONs
  • Migration schemes, Convergence of PONs
  • TDM over PONs, TDM services in NG PONs
  • Metro GPON, Long Reach PON<
  • Optical Network Switching Architectures
  • Optical Network Protection and Restoration
  • Radio over Fiber in Access Network
  • Hybrid optical-wireless architecture/connectivity/protocols

QoS and QoE

  • Mechanisms of QoS in access network;
  • Comparing access technology with aspect of QoS;
  • Quality of Experience (QoE): focus on the end-user, How to measure & handle it,
  • QoE and Fairness; Is the final bandwidth distribution fair enough? Challenges and solutions.
  • New services: Multi screen, 3DTV, interactive TV, remote controle over FOAN links, robotics ..
  • New applications: GSM, LTE, business services, sensoring, monitoring, new home aplications...
  • Clean-slate aproach in optical access networks.

The hottest results in fiber optic technology

  • Research in basis optical elements: laser devices, amplifiers, recivers, laser and receiver circuit.
  • Modulations of optical beam
  • High-throughput fiber optical links.
  • Fair and Efficient bandwidth distribution.
Invited Speaker        
Dr. Henri Hodara, Editor in Chef, Fiber and Integrated Optics, US          
  My forty-year adventure in the wonderful world of fiber optics        
Prof. Antonio Teixeira, University of Aveiro, Portugal    
      Co-located with
  The role of Photonic integration in PONS        
  Industry expert        
  Dr. Jonathan Ma, President & CEO of OpenCon Systems Inc        
  Network Virtualization and vOLT          
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